Outdoor Solutions

Outdoor Solutions

Texas Homeworks. Outdoor solutions for virtually every outdoor project.

Texas Homeworks provides the most comprehensive swimming pool and outdoor solutions, tools, research and reference materials in the industry to our customers and website visitors free of charge. However, the core of what Texas Homeworks provides our customers are outdoor solutions which we are able to provide by connecting you with an exclusive network of professionals who have earned the title Preferred Partner. Our network of Preferred Partners includes an exclusive group of vendors, professionals and experts who are the best of the best in each of our respective outdoor solutions categories.

As a consumer, you are almost certainly interested in finding the right people to bring your swimming pool or outdoor project to life. The right people, when embarking on a project which involves home improvements, are reliable and honest, they exhibit integrity and professionalism, they are experts in their field and they offer fair prices. Each of our Preferred Partners has been vetted by Texas Homeworks and has been found to possess these qualities. Click any of our Outdoor Solutions to learn more.

Custom BBQ Grills

Custom BBQ Grills

Having a Custom BBQ Grill in your backyard is the dream of many home owners. The right size, height, and accessories are key elements to consider. Barbeques are not only a great way to entertain and spend quality time with friends and family, but also a hobby and past time for many. A Custom BBQ Grill →

Custom BBQ Grill Solutions

Decks & Spas

Decks, Spas & Hot Tubs

A deck can provide an attractive outdoor area that you can enjoy as an extension of your home.  A spa, hot tub, or jacuzzi offers an appealing way to relax or enjoy a social gathering.  Some things to consider when adding a deck or spa to your home are placement, shape, and desired look. A common–>

Deck & Spa Solutions

Fences & Roofing

Fences & Roofing

Fences serve a variety of purposes, from privacy to security to landscape appeal. There are several styles and materials available for fence building. Wood, vinyl, aluminum, and iron fencing are all popular fencing materials. Talk with your selected fence builder about different styles and grades –>

Fence & Roofing Solutions

Fire Pits & Stone Work

Fire Pits, Stonework & Masonry

Fire Pits and Stone Work create ambiance and enhance the livability of your outdoor environment. Whether it be with natural stone work, majestic rocks or another more polished stone material, almost any look or feel can be achieved with Stone Work and Fire Pits with the right professional guidance. –>

Fire Pits, Stonework & Masonry Solutions


Landscaping & Irrigation

Relief from the sun, usually with trees, is almost a must-have when it comes to pool landscaping. With the exception of  a towering plant that sheds a great deal, trees of any kind are a welcome and valuable addition to any outdoor environment. Outdoor lighting contributes considerably when creating–>

Landscaping & Irrigation Solutions

Outdoor Audio

Outdoor Electrical, Lighting & Audio Visual

Outdoor audio systems take relaxing and unwinding to a whole new level. Outdoor audio speakers or sound systems can be a minimal or as extravagant as you wish to make them. Outdoor audio equipment ranges vastly in size and price. A good outdoor audio vendor can assist you with achieving your dream.

Outdoor Electrical, Lighting & Audio Visual

Outdoor Flooring & Stamped Concrete

Outdoor Flooring & Stamped Concrete

Outdoor flooring & stamped concrete can range from concrete, brick, tile, stone, and granite, to wood or carpet, as well as epoxy covered surfaces. The right outdoor flooring will depend on whether your entertainment area is covered or open to wear and tear due to weather. You can achieve a unique look while at the–>

Outdoor Flooring & Stamped Concrete Solutions

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens

Whether indoors or outdoors the kitchen is generally the heart of the home. Kitchens in the outdoors will eliminate the need to run back and forth in order to get the items you need for food preparation. Backyard dining can now be a little more elegant and comfortable. Outdoor Kitchens are growing–>

Outdoor Kitchen Solutions

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

There are numerous elements which can be added to Outdoor Living Areas to enhance the Outdoor Living experience. Many homeowners invest in backyard gazebos, pergolas, palapas and luxurious pool houses or cabanas to create a place to entertain and relax with friends and family. No matter your style –>

Outdoor Living Solutions

Pool Remodeling

Pool Remodeling & Repair

Whether your pool is in need of some minor aesthetic repairs, or you want to completely transform your outdated pool and patio into a modern oasis, the right contractor for your pool remodeling project is key. Pool remodeling and repair is a growing area of business in the swimming pool industry. –>

Pool Remodeling Solutions

Pool Service and Maintenance

Pool Retail, Service & Maintenance

Pool service, including timely preventative maintenance of your pool, equipment and systems is essential to its proper operation and significantly extends  their life. The servicing of pool equipment, including the inspection and cleaning of the filtration system, ensuring proper water circulation–>

Pool Service Solutions

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

Few would argue that a spectacular custom swimming pool is the very core of any outdoor environment. Make the look and feel of your pool unique with special design features and custom elements. There are several options, and the possibilities are endless. Use your imagination and talk to your builder –>

Swimming Pools

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