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Custom swimming pools bring with them an inherent association with enjoyment and luxury.  They are an investment that will not only provide hours of entertainment and relaxation, but will also increase your property value.    Make the look and feel of your pool unique. When you use your imagination the possibilities are endless.  Among several options to consider are:

Custom swimming pools bring with them an inherent association with enjoyment and luxury 

Free form pool


Free From Pools

Freeform pools can be ready-made or custom designed.  For custom freeform pools, you as the buyer work with a builder / designer to come up with your own unique design.  Freeform pools have a lagoon type feel by incorporating artificial waterfalls, mini streams and rocks.

Infinity edge pool


Infinity Edge Pools

The latest trend in pool design is an infinity-edge, or negative-edge, pool. This is a uniquely designed pool with a breath taking effect that allows the pool’s water level to meet its edge and then spill over its walls into, what appears to be, infinity. The pool’s water actually goes over the edge into a basin that pumps the water back into the pool. Because of this, infinity-edge pools require two filtration systems, and an experienced builder.

Bring tropical paradise into your own backyard



pool lighting

Geometric Pools

Geometric pools provide the classic spa shapes that you are used to seeing. They have straight lines and a typical rectangular shape ( although some are also made to be square or round ).  Depending on the location or purpose of your pool these “basic” pools can still provide quite a dramatic impact and can be “dressed up” with lighting or other pool design features.


Pool Design Features

These will make the look and feel of your pool unique.  There are several options, and the possibilities are endless.  Use your imagination and talk to your builder about any ideas you may have.  Here are a few to consider to get started

The possibilities are endless

  • Elevated spas / hot tubs with spillways that flow to the pool surface below
  • Faux rock waterfalls and grottos, or custom rock water features
  • Accent boulders
  • Customized inlaid tile mosaics ( special designs, shapes, or logos )
  • LED and fiber-optic pool lighting
  • Jets, Waterfalls, and Fountains
pool lighting
  • Dark-bottom pools
  • Pool shapes that integrate an existing landscape such as planters or trees
  • Tanning ledges, loveseats, and beach-style entries
  • Built-in island barbeques and fire pits
  • Diving boards and pool slides (can be integrated into rock work)
  • Salt Water pools

Your selected Custom Pool Builder can help you achieve your goals by discussing your “wish list” and desired ambiance.  Each pool design feature brings with it a unique look and feel and can bring tropical paradise into your own backyard!

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