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Outdoor Fences and RoofingOutdoor Fences and Roofing
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Fences serve a variety of purposes, from blocking off an unwanted view, to privacy and security, to landscape appeal. There are several styles and materials available for fence building. Wood, brick, vinyl, aluminum, and iron are all popular fencing materials.


If privacy is your main concern, whether it be for a noise or visual barrier, you may want to consider a board on board custom western red cedar fence.  It can be built in varying heights and offers an excellent way to create a backyard sanctuary!


In an article called Fences 101, Robert Bundy writes “A well-designed fence,thoughtfully placed, can add definition to your landscape, and unify your home and yard like nothing else. You might want to keep in mind that the general etiquette for building fences is to keep the best face toward the public. The only recommendation to make here is to let your home’s design and natural setting function as the guiding influence in determining which fence is best.”

Talk with your selected fence builder about different styles, designs, grades of materials, and what would best suit your needs.

~ Add curb appeal, and Increase your property value ~



Whether it be for necessity or curb appeal, a good roof is a must! Asphalt, Metal, Wood, Rubber Or Clay Tiles are just some of the roofing options available. Different materials can provide a different level of protection as well as a different look to your property.

metal rooftile roof

HGTV Remodels advises that the layering of S-tiles complements a stucco home and enhances the provencal architecture.  Kristen Hampshire writes “When the flaming sun heats up roofing, that hot air transfers into the attic. To prevent this, radiant sheathing applied beneath roofing material will reflect heat away from the roof and keep the attic cooler.”  “Add a better heat buffer by choosing light-colored roofing material.”

shingle roof

There are several available options depending up on your roofing goal.  A roofing professional will help guide you thru the decision making process.





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