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Pool Accessories that keep your pool safe for everyone

A backyard swimming pool is a wonderful place for family and friends to gather. However, a pool can also be a danger, particularly for children and pets. Accidental drowning occurs every day, and the unfortunate truth is that many could have been prevented if the proper safety equipment had been in place. This article will provide a complete checklist for pool safety equipment so you can rest assured that your swimming pool will be as safe as it is fun.

Pool Fencing

Many areas of the country require backyard swimming pools to be surrounded by specific types of fencing that prohibits young children and animals from entering the pool area. The best fencing is one that cannot be easily climbed, such as iron fences with pointed rods or glass fencing that is too high to get over. Some homeowners consider a privacy wooden fence to keep children out and maintain a secluded pool area. However, wood fencing is not usually a good option for backyard pools because it does not allow you to see what is happening in the pool area.

Fence Locks

A locking gate is another important safety feature for backyard pools. In some cases, it is simply a matter of installing the latch high above the reach of small children. In other situation, and actual lock that requires a key for entry might be a better choice. If you are installing a lock on your gate, it is still very important to place the lock above the reach of youngsters. Your five-year old may figure out where you keep the key and open the gate himself otherwise. It is also important to instruct all adults who use your pool to close and lock the gate without fail after every single use.

Alarms and Monitors

Many families also choose to install security cameras and alarm systems to their pool fencing. An alarm will alert you to the fact that someone is entering your pool area. Some of these alarms run on electricity or batteries, depending on which is the easiest system for your needs. Choose from an alarm that is activated when the gate is opened or a perimeter alarm that goes off every time your pool boundary is passed. There are even alarms that can be placed on your child’s wrist to sound any time your child comes in contact with water.

Pool Covers

The final piece of pool safety equipment that is a must is a pool cover. This ensures children and pets are safely kept away from the water when the pool is not in use. It is important to specifically look for a safety cover that attaches firmly to the sides of the pool. Otherwise, you and your children may get a false sense of security with a cover that will not hold their weight in the event they make it to the pool’s surface.

Pool safety should be a number one priority whether you are moving into a house with an existing pool or adding

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